Thursday Night Mindfulness Meditation

This Mindful Meditation series of classes lasts for 8 weeks. Each session is an hour long which includes a brief discussion about an aspect of mindfulness followed by a guided meditation. We then wrap up with some take home practical tips for bringing mindfulness into your everyday life.


The sessions are carried out seated in a chair, sitting or lying on the ground. Cushions, bolsters, floor mats and blankets are provided but you can bring your own gear if you would feel more comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move and relax in.

The course is run by Psychologist Lara Mateljan who has a passion for sharing the benefits that Mindfulness Meditation has to offer in a holistic and evidence based approach to physical and psychological health. Find out more about Lara here.

New or casual participants are always welcome. 

Take some time out to nurture yourself.

Next Class TBC due to COVID 19 Restrictions

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